Training Courses

Basic Handgun Fundamentals


  • Understanding guns and safety
  • Fundamentals of shooting
  • Actions of guns
  • What happens when you squeeze the trigger
  • Terminology
  • Selecting a handgun
  • Stance, grip, sight alignment/picture and trigger control
  • Taking the gun apart
  • Practical exercises on live fire range

Cost is $50

Minnesota Permit to Carry Class


  • Talk about what your permit is and is not
  • Situational Awareness
  • Legal Use of Force
  • Threat Triangle
  • Use of Force Continuum
  • Talking with Law Enforcement/investigations
  • Minnesota Law and Citizens Personal Protection Act
  • Minnesota Permit requirements
  • Open vs. Concealed Carry 
  • Application Process 
  • Reasons for denial of a permit
  • Everyday police encounters
  • Places you can and cannot carry
  • Storage of firearms
  • Travel
  • Shooting Fundamentals 
  • Selecting a handgun 
  • 30 round qualifications on firing range
  • MN Permit  permits carry in 27 states 

Ammunition Required - 30 Rounds

Cost is $80 per person

Minnesota/Florida Permit License to Carry Class

We will cover all of the material from the Minnesota Permit to Carry Class

Plus - Florida-specific Topics:

  • Laws and Definitions
  • License requirements
  • Training Required
  • Application Process
  • Where you are not allowed to carry
  • Police Encounters
  • Firearms Storage
  • 30 round qualification on firing range
  • Ammunition Required - 30 rounds

Cost is $100

Defensive Shooting Class

Classroom Instruction:

  • Shooting fundamentals
  • Movement
  • Where to shoot
  • Reactionary Gap
  • Situational awareness

Range Exercises

  • Empty gun draw from a holster to practice the draw stroke
  • Draw from the holster and engage the target
  • Engage multiple targets
  • Draw from a holster, move and engage
  • Draw from a holster and engage a target from behind a barrier

Ammunition Required: 300 Rounds

Cost is $100

Intermediate Defensive Shooting Class

This class will be held entirely on the firing range - NO CLASSROOM

Training Exercises:

  • One handed shooting
  • Strong hand
  • Weak hand

  • One handed reloading
  • Strong hand
  • Weak hand

  • Shooting with barriers
  • Move to a barrier
  • Draw from a holster and engage the target
  • Engage targets that are on a timer

Ammunition Required - 400 rounds

Cost is $125

Other Classes Offered

  • Private Instruction
  • Our facility or your location
  • Ladies Only classes offered on all of the classes
  • Advanced Defensive Shooting Class
  • Tactical Shooting Class
  • Low Light Shooting
  • MILO Class -Shoot/Don't Shoot scenarios
  • Cold Weather Defensive Shooting Class